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I would like to introduce myself by sharing with you a little about my story.

I grew up in a Sikh & Vedic household where meditation and eastern prayer/mantra was daily. From a young I had an innate desire to study the body, the world of psychology, philosophy and spiritual practices.

However, none of these learnings in combination were ever seen in my local sphere as a viable route to make a living in the “real world”.

I officially studied Engineering and Construction Management at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

Unofficially I was always a lifelong student of the riches to be found in the art of healthy living and spiritual practice.


I worked in the corporate world for 5 years and was a hungry young prospect who climbed the corporate ladder with haste.

In addition to my academic and business pursuits I also strived for success in the physical arena. Competing in national athletics, bodybuilding, strongman and powerlifting competitions.

In my early twenties I started my own fire engineering business and after 2 years of making a handsome sum of money I was started to feel my spirit and vitality leave me.


Not long after my hard pursuit for external accumulation and physical admiration. I started falling deathly sick (literally).

I was diagnosed with severe arthritis and an inflammatory gastrointestinal disease. The onset of the arthritis was sudden and acute. It affected my spine, hips, wrists, elbows, knees and ankles. At times leaving me bed ridden for weeks. The gut issues enhanced the suffering producing terrible pain no matter what I would eat. This state of illness lasted for many consecutive years.


In the first years I sort out every medical speciliast, test and healer but none coud pin-point a root cause.

The onset of these ailments was my body saying no. Saying no to how I was living, what I was consuming and the path I was walking.


Here was the gift I needed. The gift of remembering what was important and where my truth lay. A wakeup call to start listening  to my body, emotions and spirit once again.

I started to realign my path to what felt true and slowly over the years began the long arduous journey of unwinding dysfunction and dysbiosis. 

This is where my own personal hero's journey began. I ventured across the globe learning different philosophies from different mentors, teachers and becoming a student of how they lived and maintained incredible levels of vitaity.

Here I began sharing the collected deposits of wisdom from my journey with those who were fellow seekers and others that were needing guidance.


Years have passed and I consider myself mostly healed from the ailments that came into my life as teachers.

I consider myself no master but only a humble student of life. An individual who learns by listening and sharing.

The programs I have created are those which induce deep self-inquiry, broaden awareness and enhances health for maximum vitality

I invite you to join a tribe of exceptional beings as we venture into this world together discovering our greatest gifts, optimising our health, and aligning to our truth.

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