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Learn a diverse repertoire of physical practices based on primal,
ancestral & evolutionary patterns 

A powerful movement based workshop that connects you with tools, practices and perspectives that deepen awareness and create a pathway towards vitality.


What you will learn in this workshop:


You will learn how to implement

The 4 Movement Archetypes:

create a movement practice that is whole


Move Hard (The Warrior)
Strength, Power, Stability, Building Capacity, to Create Greater Resilience and Robustness.

Move Soft (The Monk)

Breath-Connected Movements to Create Openness, Suppleness,

Relaxedness, Ease of Flow, Awareness. This is a Process of Actively Working-Inwards.

Move Different (The Jester)


Zone 1 of Learning, The Beginner, Learn to Fail in Order to

Grow, Out of Comfort-zone, The Precursor to the King/Queen Archetype.

Move Connected (The Lover)

Reaction to Input, Deeper Listening, Push, Pull, Follow, Lead, and Deepening Your Relationship with Self and Other.

Anti-Fragility Training 

create a less fragile and more robust body

Anti-Fragility Training is process coined by Simba to create a less fragile and more robust body using powerful holistic embodiment tools.

This is a method of making the physical body strong and stable yet open, supple and connected. With nuanced movement and awareness practices we will develop greater trust with our body and understand with more depth its requirements for holistic movement nutrition.



Inner Architecture 

connect to your wellspring of joy and inner peace

You are the architect of your own inner experience.

In this component you will learn breathwork and meditation techniques that deepen your awareness, self-connection and open the flood gates to greater experiences of daily joy.

Workshop for The Light Collective 200hr YTT 
Space Yoga Byron Bay


This workshop is for individuals of any age and walk of life that have a common desire to connect to their highest expression of health & vitality.

Josh, Musician

Mark, Medical Entrepreneur


Ash, Nutritionist / Yoga Teacher

This was life changing. The wisdoms around health and the interconnection of behaviour, mindset and physical practice was astounding. I will be joining the retreat next month and recommending my friends.

Worth every penny. This workshop was faciliated with some much love and care. I learnt so many tools that I can't wait to share with my employees, friends and family. 

The downloads I recieved in Simbas workshop were profound. I was able to see how I could become so much more vital in everyday life. Highly recommend this experience to anyone!

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