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Crumble Your Pride

The grey prison walls of excess pride holds captive your heart. Captive to your own construct of self protection from the beauty that resides within each chamber behind a guarded rib cage of iron bars. The beauty of fully loving and being open to being loved is a vulnerability that the lords of pride have patrolled with ageless ancestral diligence. The pain and hurt that you may potentiate is worth every step on the path of prison break. For when you eventually encounter the pain and hurt you realize it is only the greatest gift in the humbling process of connecting with the essence of life's cycle. The cycle of death, birth, creation and letting go. Letting go to only realize that the pain is only another illumination of a layer which you are being encouraged to heal so you can become more whole. The one becoming many for the joy of once more becoming the one again.

In my traditional family lineage, excess pride is one of the 5 thieves which will steal the opportunity in this lifetime to fully realize the deepest sense of truth, love and oneness in your journey.

These five thieves are kaam (lust), krodh (wrath), lobh (greed), moh (attachment) and ahankar (ego or excessive pride)

The ancients were no fools. They recognized over many generations of tuning into wisdom without the veil of modern distractions what the ingredients for fullness of heart, soul and spirit were. This life is about remembering and not necessarily learning. Follow the trail of truth and the feeling of knowness. This knowness is something like ahhh I remember this feeling of love and openness but I have forgotten it somewhere in the chaos of my own walking dream.

Let your pride crumble inside and open the mystic realms of glory. In other words, opening your heart to the deepest expression of love is the thing that you have always been searching for.

With infinite plumes of love

Your friend Simba

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