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Mind Matter Being

As far as I have discovered the entwinement of mind and matter appears to be the consolidation of being. Ancient thinking goes when body and soul were fused together man was created. Whether the predominance of being manifests as an inward or outward expression appears to be based on an individual's constitution or temperament. With humanity being a stream of individually expressive vessels infused with souls it is to my findings that the crux of it all appears to be about the balancing of the inward and outward dimensions. You could consider this the real epitome of the spiritual path. The spiritual path wording can be taken in as fluffy terminology but the meaning behind these words may be translated to something like the greatest call to service, feeling of fullness, fulfillment, love and balance in life. Many cultures deem this balancing of the inward and outward selves as being the essence of life's purpose which reveals the Dao, God, Great Spirit, Nawal, Waheguru within an individual.

Within my life I have witnessed the clarity and fruits of being revealed the more I step onto the path of adhering to the great dance between my insides and outsides. Listening carefully to the whispers within and actioning them outwardly. It cannot be said where the mind actually resides. Where thought comes from. We associate with it as residing between the temples but in truth it is not known to us. Does the mind sit within all aspects of our body or perhaps in a field outside of the body? Does it also interconnect to a greater field of global minds that is situated external to the body? Needless to say, these questions and ideas are timeless. What appears to be evidently clear is that the when the body is nurtured outwardly with love and care the mind is much more stable, clear, focused and becomes akin to that of an incredible instrument aiding with your unique lifes song. When the body is out of tune the minds symphony appears to hit notes of anxiety, disharmony and foggy stagnance.

Whether we tend to the garden of the mind or the castle of the body as a primary will dependant on our unique predisposition towards our comfortability of expressing, loving and engaging inwardly or outwardly. Whether the castle feels alive, vital and fueled or depleted, slow and lacking capability. Whether the garden of the mind feels focused, stable and moving to aide the song of your life or racing, consuming and riddled with angst. These will be some ques to note when deciding where to begin. In truth both should be tended to in conjunction. The question will remain as to which needs more attention in the present. The matter with being is that there is no separation between the body and the mind. How the body presents will be dictated by the mind and how the mind aides to the quality of our life symphony will be impacted by the quality of our castles structure, health, infrastructure and systems. For a beautiful expression of life remind yourself of the mind matter connection within your being.

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