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Wobble Your Psychology

Shake it up!

Every now and then shake up your entire being from the core. Like a dog shaking off fleas, take out the trash and rid yourself of ideas, habits and programs you have been hauling around physically, mentally and emotionally.

The relevance of stepping into discomfort momentarily opens a little perspective gateway which allows you to shake off the metaphorical fleas, reminding you of what's true and dropping you into presence. These states of self imposed exposure to discomfort should vary in frequency and length. From a simple physiological shake up in the form of a cold shower, dip in the cold waters of an ocean, a 20 minute sauna session or bout of physical intensity. To the other end of the more intense spectrum with deeper psychological shake up experiences like fasting, vision quests, nature intensives or plant medicine ceremonies the benefits are profound. Profound and impactful in the sense of connecting you to resilience, capability and the process of defragging you from your internal programs, habits and ideas.

Defragging the being is important in a time and age where ideas are imprinted on every screen and window. Circulating in words and embedded through unconscious stealth in every conversation. The process of shaking or wobbling the psychology gives us a planned moment in space to step outside the dome to view from a broader perspective, throw not so visible shakes off and drop us into a stay of remembered importance.

Plan your wobbles around safety, trusted people and endure the periods with loving kindness.

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